A Team Born From Passion & Friendship

Starting out in 1988, our interest in F1, sports cars and racing has become as strong as our friendship.

L. Pettifer
Managing Director

Leigh founded his main business Circuit 2 Circuit in 2000 after 14 years of transporting Porsche 956/962 show cars for Richard Lloyd Racing. In ’88 Leigh was fully HGV licenced and ventured into class C sports car transportation which lead to a position as chief trucker at Spice Engineering. After a short stint at Footwork F1 (Arrows) which later became Arrows F1, Leigh got a break with Williams F1 as part of their test team/transportation. In that time Williams secured both driver (Damon Hill & Jacques Villeneuve) and constructor championships which inspired Leigh to join Jordan F1, this time as a driver on the track! The 1998 season saw the Jordan team win the Belgium GP at Spa and Leigh’s passion and drive continues today.

Paul Singlehurst
Logistics Manager

Paul set out in motor racing back in 1990 with Eddie Jordan Racing and then moved on to Paul Stewart Racing partaking in the F3000 series all over Europe. His attention to detail, care and precision lead him to a position managing a full set up of Stewart Grand Prix. This involved designing all the garage equipment and trucks . In 1998 he went to Williams as Chief Truckie and progressed to the Race Team Co Coordinator , became responsible for all Logistics for the F1 team, and after 22 years of travelling he decided to take a step back and join Leigh at Circuit2Circuit. Both have the same work ethic and mentality, giving an excellent service with attention to all details and this continues into their passion for their luxury car storage business

Our business and passion started back in 1988 transporting race, circuit and F1 vehicles to and from tracks across the UK and Europe. As demand grew, so did our enthusiasm and popularity. Our service has always been second-to-none and it showed. We were often surprised at the way our clients stored their cars. Many owners didn’t have the proper facilities and we were collecting cars from dusty old barns that were often damp and lacked security.

Our vision was to create a showroom-quality building that not only offered 24hr security, humidity control, reinforced perimeter structures and regular cleaning, but with the luxurious setting that these magnificent motors deserved. A facility that our car owners would enjoy as much as their vehicles, driving them out of our pristine establishment as if it was the day they’d first bought them.

Making every car feel loved

We love taking in new cars and motorbikes and get a great sense of pride walking through the showroom and glancing upon the polished bodies of motoring history . We care about your cars as much as you do! We pride ourselves in looking after them as if they were our own.

L. Pettifer


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