Classic Car Storage

Some cars are more than just vehicles. We understand this, because we love cars too. So much, in fact, that we decided to put our passion for classic cars into Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage (SCRCS) – a safe haven for precious motors.

If you’ve got a classic car that needs more than just a garage to keep it safe when not in use, you’ve come to the right place. We offer classic car storage to owners and businesses throughout the UK, safely housing them in our dedicated Northamptonshire facility.

Set in a discreet, rural location, our climate-controlled storage facility features 24-hour monitoring and an extremely attentive service, thanks to our family run business.

Low-cost classic car storage

Some of the cars we store stay with us for months (sometimes, years), and we therefore understand the importance of fair pricing when it comes to classic car storage. That’s why, regardless of the age, model or value of the car in question, every SCRCS customer pays the same flat fee of just £35.00 per week. 

Our facility

‘OK’ isn’t a word we refer to at SCRCS. If something is ‘OK’, that simply isn’t good enough, which is why we’ve invested significant time and expense into our dedicated classic car storage facility.

Based deep in the beautiful countryside surrounding Silverstone, the SCRCS facility offers 100% safe car storage. What’s more, it rests within the grounds of our family home and is, as you’d expected, treated as a member of the family.

We care deeply about every car we store, which is why our purpose-built facility is fully climate-controlled and monitored around the clock via CCTV.

Resembling nothing more than an ultra modern farm building externally, it’s the perfect resting place for your pride and joy. 

The face behind our car storage service

SCRCS is far more than just a business; it’s a team built from a passion for cars and many years of friendship. Managing Director, Leigh, spent fourteen years transporting Porsche show cars for Richard Lloyd Racing and later ended up on the track himself with Jordan F1.

Working alongside Damon Hill and Jacques Villeneuve during his time in F1, Leigh’s passion for race and classic cars is woven into the fabric of SCRCS.

Logistics manager, Paul, benefits from a similarly petrol-fuelled past, having worked for Eddie Jordan Racing in the early 90s and later becoming fully responsible for the logistics of the Williams F1 team.

If you’d want to leave you car with anyone, it’s these guys!

More than just classic car storage

At SCRCS, we don’t just store cars – we make them feel loved.

Along with our classic car storage, we also provide the following popular services:

  • We’ll come to you with our fully covered transporter.
  • Before storing any car, it needs the clean of it’s life – our professionals can clean yours to perfection.
  • Does your classic need an MOT while in storage? No problem – leave it to us.
  • Servicing and detailing. Full servicing is available from our trusted mechanical partner, along with factory-perfect detailing.
  • Paint correction. We can even offer paintwork services while your car is stored with us, ensuring it returns to you as good as new.

Why choose us?

We think there are three simple reasons you should choose SCRCS for your classic car storage needs:

  • Unlike most storage facilities, we offer a genuine, deep love of classic cars thanks to decades of work in the race car business.
  • Our private facility is housed securely within the grounds of a family home.
  • Full insurance, climate control and round the clock CCTV monitoring means your pride and joy is always 100% safe at SCRCS.