Vehicle Storage in Northamptonshire

Vehicle storage in Northamptonshire

We started Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage (SCRCS) with one goal in mind: to offer affordable and 100% storage for vehicles of all kinds, no matter their age, size or required duration of storage.

With a management team that has petrol running through its veins and a deep love for cars and motorbikes, SCRCS really is the best place to store your vehicle, no matter the reason.

Our facility is set deep within the Northamptonshire countryside, near Silverstone and benefits from full 24/7 CCTV surveillance, climate controlled air conditioning and residence within the grounds of a family home.

Low-cost vehicle storage

We offer vehicle storage for a huge range of cars and motorbikes, but one thing remains consistent: the price. We believe in fair pricing for all of our customers, which is why SCRCS offers the simplest and most cost-effective storage fees you’re likely to find.

For cars, we charge just £32.50 per week, while motorbikes are charged at £12.50 per week.

That’s it. No hidden charges. No catches. No favouritism or surcharges for larger or more expensive vehicles – just one, simple, affordable rate.

The SCRCS vehicle storage facility

If you were asked to sum up the SCRCS facility when viewing it from the outside, it would probably be something along the lines of ‘ultra-modern farm building’. And that’s exactly what it looks like – nothing more.

Inside, however, it is an ultra-safe haven for cars and motorbikes of all shapes, sizes, values and eras. Fully climate-controlled and with full 24/7 CCTV surveillance, the SCRCS vehicle storage facility is the ultimate place to keep your vehicle for long or short periods of time.

Why choose vehicle storage?

Since opening SCRCS, we’ve found that our clients store their vehicles with us for a huge variety of reasons. From people who are simply heading away on holiday for a few days to car collectors who want to keep their luxury cars as safe as possible, the stories behind the vehicles we look after are as fascinating as they are varied.  There are many benefits to storing your car.

There are some rather more simple reasons you might want to choose car storage, too:

  • It frees up space on your drive or garage
  • It bolsters vehicle security
  • It ensures parts and bodywork are kept away from any harm resulting from exposure to changing weather conditions
  • It helps retain value by keeping the vehicle in an ‘as-new’ state
  • It makes the time you spend with you car or motorbike even more special

We do more than just store cars, you know…

Vehicle storage is just the tip of the iceberg at SCRCS. If your car needs an MOT, service, paint correction or factory-fresh clean and detailing, you can leave it to us.

Just tell us what needs to be done, and we’ll ensure the work is carried out to the absolute highest standard.

Why choose SCRCS for vehicle storage?

Leigh and Paul are obsessive about cars, motorbikes and their preservation. Having spent years in the motorsport trade, they know exactly how to transport and care for precious vehicles.

With flat, fair pricing, a 100% secure facility and a family-run business that will treat your car as its own, there really is no better place to store your vehicle.

Contact us today and let us help you to store your vehicle.