Car Storage

Car Storage

Our customers store their cars with us for a huge variety of reasons. Sometimes, it’s while they take an extended holiday, for others, it’s long term storage for a car that is far more than just a mode of transport.  Whatever your reason for needing to store your car, Silverstone Classic and Race Car Storage can offer the perfect temporary home for it, no matter how short or long the stay may be.  Set deep in the Silverstone countryside, our climate-controlled storage facility resides in a family estate and benefits from 24-hour monitoring and a team that deeply loves cars.

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Why choose SCRCS?

Most car storage facilities offer something of a flat pack service. You drop your car off, pay a fee, and leave it until collection, where it is simply parked up and left.

At SCRCS we know that car storage is about far more than that, which is why security and proactive care and maintenance during storage are top priorities for our team.

Full insurance, round the clock CCTV surveillance and a climate-controlled environment means there really is nowhere better to leave your car for long (or short) periods of time in the safest car storage facility in Northamptonshire.

The SCRCS facility

Our car storage facility resembles nothing more than an ultra modern farm building externally, but inside it’s a car lover’s dream.

Our climate controlled car storage facility ensures the vehicles we look after are kept in the best possible condition, while a floor you could practically use as a dinner plate keeps everything dust-free and in pristine condition.

‘OK’ isn’t a word we like very much. If something is ‘OK, it’s not good enough for us, which is why we’ve worked hard to build a car storage facility that offers genuine 100% safe storage.

The SCRCS facility resides within the grounds of our family home and is simply the best place to keep your car if it needs to be in the safest possible hands.

The Team

Leigh and Paul are both incredibly passionate about cars, having spent considerable time in the motor racing industry. Transporting Porsche show cars and being fully responsible for the logistics of the Williams F1 team are just two examples of their considerable experience.

That love for cars, transportation and vehicle care is woven into the fabric of SCRSC. If you’d pick anyone with whom to leave your car, it would be these guys!

SCRCS is a business, but it is far more than that to Leigh, Paul and their team. The cars stored in our on-site facility are treated as VIPs, and dealt the same level of care and attention as if they were owned by those caring for them.

Not just car storage

Along with our car storage service, we offer a number of services that prove very popular with our customers.

While storing your car with us, we can offer the following:

  • Collection via a fully covered transporter
  • Full MOTs
  • Servicing
  • Detailing and paint correction

Although we store a massive variety of cars, we only charge one flat fee, regardless of the age, size, model or type of car. For just £35.00 per week, you car will be treated to a stay in our 100% secure storage facility.

We’re confident you won’t find a more cost-effective vehicle storage package anywhere else, so if you’d like to discuss leaving your vehicle with us, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.